Crysalli was born out of a passion for water quality and beverage dispensing equipment. We saw that there was a gap in the market place for Sparkling and Still water beverage equipment built for the demands of the American market place, for people and companies looking for a healthy alterative to soda, and concerned about their environmental footprint as they watched waste from glass and plastic bottles leave their facility and fill our oceans.

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Mike Palm

mike.headshot.small"Crysalli has continued to be the benchmark standard for products, service and people."

Crysalli the concept took shape in the mid 2000’s when a design consultant asked Mike Palm if he could make a water system that allowed the operator to offer water with gas and without gas, with a modern look to the soda jerk idea, yet nicer and dispensing bottled quality water suitable for a white table cloth restaurant. Inspired by the idea, Mike said yes and pulled together people and resources from the industry to help design and build out the system. This single job in Sausalito CA caught the attention of the news media causing a ripple effect of inquisition, inspiration, and demand. However, it was quickly determined that assembling one off systems from a variety of parts didn’t have much of a future. So Mike took the concept to several manufactures about building it, but they didn’t feel the market was big enough and turned him away. He knew they were wrong. Where there is failure, there is learning, and Mike finally took matters into his own hands.

Crysalli the brand and business then took further shape as Mike detailed a business model, industry insight, branding and future goals in his Thesis paper to complete his M.B.A.. Motivated by the passion that we can do it better, right here in America, with the knowledge of time honored experts in water filtration and beverage equipment, structured around a pure and simple logic of a well-organized, nimble and customer focused business model.

Crysalli has continued to be the benchmark standard for products, service and people. We always keep our eye on the horizon, extending and defending what we do best through evolution of our core sparkling and still water product offerings and service to meet expanding customer needs, while looking to revolutionize beverage dispensing products, and disrupt the status quo; good enough never is.

Crysalli: Better Bubbles.
Crysalli has expanded into a wide range of Sparkling and Still water system configurations and capacities, from cafeteria volume systems to mini systems for your own home. Pre-mix and post-mix systems for house made sodas, nitro and cold brew coffee, kombucha, cocktail on tap programs and anything else you want to dispense.

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