The Remote Chiller Series

Two different remote chiller models sized to fit the demands of the busiest restaurant with a high volume cold carbonation system and cold water re-circ. Offered in a durable black vinyl finish, they are designed to be hidden away in a cabinet near the CBR-V2 draft tower, or can be remotely located up to 40' away from the draft tower. Additionally they can be plumbed to two or three draft tower stations and still provide ice cold sparkling and still water.


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The Countertop Series

Three different counter-top models which are practical in design for performance and space. Mirrored stainless steel exterior and soft rounded corners makes counter-top units able to sit equally well in front of house or back of the house. Cold Carbonation and flow control valves keeps ice cold sparkling and still water flowing.

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Accessories & Water Filtration

Carbonation Adjustment Valve to custom set carbonation level of Sparkling Water. Reverse Osmosis water compatibility upgrade. Install Kits, CO2 regulators, Bar Guns and Flavor shot BIB kits. Everpure water filtration systems filter particles out as small as a ½ micron in size (a human hair is 40-60 micron in diameter), control tastes, odors and colors, all while retaining the essential minerals in the water for bottle water flavor profile. Everpure water filters additional have the most stringent NSF water quality certifications. With a large offering of filter types, specific filters can be used to treat different types of water quality issues found all across the USA.

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Low Volume - Office, Hotel Suites/Floor, Wineries, etc

Low volume, small footprint under-counter model, counter top, cabinet mounted units. Appropriate for Office, Hotel Suites, Wineries and Residential usage. Four different designer, high quality lead free, single spout dual handle faucets are available to choose from that will fit any room.

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Freestanding and Drop-ins

Freestanding and Drop-in units offer flexible and attractive solutions.

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Custom Designed Units

Looking for a custom application? We can help!

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