Home made soda recipes

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Crysalli Artisan Water is leading the emerging “soda revolution” by providing the highest quality carbonated water and dispensing equipment. It’s all about cold temperatures, small bubbles and a cool, classic look.


Our cold carbonation process not only allows us to dispense at 36˚F, but the CO² will dissolve more easily in the water, about twice as much as a cold plate carbonation system. This means after the ice cold water is poured, the CO² releases slowly out of the water (longer lasting carbonation while using less CO²) and yields the smaller bubbles. And smaller bubbles pick up more aroma molecules than large bubbles.

Knowing the only aroma you want in your clean, pure, cold and bubby water is the syrup recipe you add, we specify all Crysalli systems with Everpure Water Filtration. Everpure ensures consistently poured bottled quality water by removing all the bad tastes, odors, colors, contaminates and particles while leaving the vital minerals in the water for great taste and quality carbonation.

Finally choose to dispense your Crysalli water from our elegant CBR-V2 draft tower or our attractive mirror finish countertop models.

Thirsty yet?  Give Crysalli a try and expand you beverage menu and profits.

Here are some soda recipes to tantilize your taste buds from Darcy O’Neil’s book Fix the Pumps 

Brunswick Cooler  
Lemon Syrup 1/2 oz
Orange Syrup 1/2 oz
Cherry Syrup 1/2 oz
Flake Ice 1/3 glassful
Add carb water to fill 12 oz glass, and  
dress the drink with pineapple and Cherry
Raspberry Syrup 1/2 oz
Pineapple Syrup 1 oz
Grape Syrup 1 oz
Lemon Juice 1 1/2 tsp
Lime Juice 1 tsp
Flake Ice   
Place in a 12 oz glass half filled with 
flake ice, then fill 7/8 with Carb Water
and stir thoroughly. Garnish with a cherry
and mint.   
Fire Extinguisher  
Blood Orange Syrup 1 oz
Raspberry Syrup 1/2 oz
Lemon Juice 1 tsp
Flake Ice 1/2 Glass
Add several ounces of Carb Water, stir well,  
strain into an 8-oz glass, and fill the 
latter with plain carb water. 
Orange Syrup 1 oz
Grape juice 1/2 oz
Lemon Juice 1/2 lemon
Flake Ice 1/2 glass
Mix in a 12-oz glass, filling with carb water  
Lemon Syrup 1 oz
Grape Juice 1/2 oz
Add to 8-oz glass and fill with carb water  
Lime Slip  
Pinapple Syrup 2 oz
Lime Juice 1/2 oz
Add to 12-oz glass and fill with carb water  
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